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We offer a comprehensive web service; this is process we follow on most projects.


Stage 1 - Investigation

We'll talk to you about your company, products and services and what you want to achieve with the website, to establish the required content and architecture for the site.

At this stage we will produce two documents:

We expect a bit of back and forth at this point, making sure we have fully understood what you want, working out when you can get required content to us (or bringing in our associate copywriters and photographers if needed), but it's worth getting it right at this stage - it means we go into the project with a full understanding of what you want and need, and you go into it knowing what we can provide, for how much, and when it will be delivered.

Stage 2 - Design

Based on the preliminary investigation we create mock ups that, once approved, are used as the basis for the website build.

Stage 3 - Build

The approved site design is handed over to the interesting techies to build.

Stage 4 - Testing

It is important that websites look right, and function correctly, on a wide variety of web browsers and tablet and mobile devices. Once the build stage is complete we will upload the site to a password protected test area and the site will be reviewed internally on a range of Android, iOS and Windows mobiles and tablets, as well as the main web browsers, and you will have access to review and feedback. Due to the in-depth investigation and design stages we usually find changes here are relatively minor.

We'll also provide a written guide for the CMS at this stage, so you can test out your content management system, and populate the site before it goes live if needed. You can see a video showing the original basic site CMS (included on all sites) in action below.

Stage 5 - Live

Your web site will need a permanent location on a web server, and a domain name. We can provide these or you can use third party services. If your web site requires server side code (e.g. managing an online store) we will clarify hosting requirements with you during the initial stages.

Please note, we only offer domain registration and web hosting for web sites that we have built in-house. We do not offer them as a standalone service.


Are we the web team for you? Have a look around and see if you like what we've made in the past. If you do, and you're interested in an interesting site, get in touch!

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