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We’re a friendly team of creatives and techies who have been designing and building well-crafted digital products since the 1990s... we have been working and playing on the Internet since before the Web existed. We have an eclectic mix of backgrounds and experiences that allow us to look at challenges from unusual angles and take interesting routes to interesting results.

We’ve worn bunny suits to help build the fastest processors in the world, learned to play the piano and saxophone badly, juggled fire, created a punk squirrel band that appeared on national TV, turned dancing dogs into political activists, hurled haggis, and studied people and computers. It's been fun.

Our core team has a network of associates to provide a wide variety of skill sets. We work with you in an honest, flexible and collaborative way where you’ll deal directly with the people designing and building your product.


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Since the 1990s we've worked on interesting digital projects with a wide variety of interesting clients: national and international charities, NGOs, accountants, solicitors, surveyors, estate agents, psychologists, architects, engineers, health centres, local councils, colleges, unions, film production companies, marketing agencies, festivals, retailers, writers and artists, brewers and publicans, hotels and B&Bs, nurseries and landscape designers, toy and game manufacturers and a whole bunch of techies and creatives. Check out a few examples.

Our quite Interesting Formalities include information on our web hosting and domain registration services.

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