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The Waddling Dead is a classic action game where you need to defeat the hordes of zombie penguins, with fish bullets and an occasional puffer fish bomb. How many can you fight off before being overwhelmed by their gooey, oozy, undead supremecy? It can be played on desktop computer, tablet or mobile over at Penguin Frenzy.

The Waddling Dead game engine is available as a white label game, so it can be rebranded for use within online ads or web sites. All visual aspects of the game can be replaced reflecting your brands colour schemes, font choices, logo... and the characters and setting can be changed to meet your requirements. You can see one example below for a breath freshener, using our breath of death characters. Want to know what we could do for you? Get in touch or go and check out the other available games.

The Waddling Dead Game
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