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In 2005 the Rubik's Cube was relaunched in the UK for its 25 Anniversary, followed by new Rubik's products in 2007 and 2009. Our team designed and produced the UK web site, interactive widgets, games and videos from the 2005 relaunch until the distribution license went to a new company in 2011.

2007: The Revo

The Revo was known worldwide as the Rubik's Revolution, except for the UK. A prime requirement of the initial campaign was to ensure that the product could be found on the internet when using the unique UK name. To introduce the product, and the name to the UK, a teaser campaign was produced and released over a 6 week period, at the end of which the product web site sat in the #1 position for organic searches in major search engines for the Revo name.

The teaser campaign made use of The Revo's flashing lights for a disco theme, with a selection of disco animals dancing to newly composed Revo tunes. Users could customise the appearance and dance moves of the animals and were encouraged to come back the following week to play with the new animal.

On release of the product a full web site was launched including an animal disco video (YouTube), desktop graphics, avatars and ring tone downloads along with the usual product information. In the run up to Christmas 6 games, reflecting the six games within the product and the teaser campaign, were released.

2009: The Rubik's 360

After the success of the digital launch for The Revo a similar process was developed for the Rubik's 360. A teaser video was produced before product launch, with a full web site, downloads and online games being released between the product launch and Christmas. An intereactive widget allowed users to upload their own photos to add googly eyes and send round to friends.

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