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Interesting Digital have been involved in producing hundreds of high impact, high profile, animated and interactive, responsive web ads; taking an ad design and making it work across mobiles, tablets and desktops.

From simple static banners to complex animated page-takeovers, we've worked with agencies on campaigns for hundreds of big names; mobile phone companies, car manufacturers, big budget films, airlines, electronic products, shoe manufacturers (from sensible to sports) and much more. We've also produced rich content (page branding, videos, 360° views and similar) for high street store web sites.

We have our own in-house tool, Shuggle, developed to build fully responsive web ads, including in-ad games. It provides support across a wide range of platforms and devices without needing to develop different versions for each, and although developed as an internal tool designed to make our own work easier it has also been licensed to other agencies.

If you're looking for creative ideas for online advertising, or if you're an agency with a great idea but without the expertise to build it, then get in touch.

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