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Interesting Walks is a system for use on smart phones producing digital guides for walking routes, adding information or entertainment features. The walks are accessed via a mobile phone, which use the inbuilt GPS location information to place you on the map and trigger events at specific locations.

The aim is to enhance a walk by providing a depth of information about different locations, or by providing a game to entertain younger walkers along the way. The walks can be used to provide all forms of historical, geographical, cultural, artistic, literary or other local content; it might be an informational panel, a virtual museum, an image of the location in the past, an animated creature to catch, a piece of a puzzle, an audio guide, or much more. Different information sources or activities can be layered onto a single route, allowing you to choose the one(s) they're interested in.

The walks are delivered as a progressive web app; this means that constant internet connectivity isn't required (useful in more rural locations), but you don't have to download and install an app to access the routes.

Some example walks are available at Walks can be developed for your own web site, or you can sponsor a walk for inclusion on Interesting Walks or another third party site. Please get in touch to discuss details.

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