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The web site has existed in one form or another for many years, and contains a wealth of information about Callander and the surrounding area. Unfortunately the users had trouble with the content management system, and spammers had discovered ways to inject their content into the site. Callander Enterprise, the business group that runs the site, brought in the Interesting team to overhaul it ready for further development.

The site has been rebuilt on our web platform, designed for easy maintenance and updates. All the data, from hundreds of pages, has been imported from the extensive Wordpress site into a new, simple, responsive format and work is going on between our team and the businesses involved to clean up the data and refresh the site overall.

Further Development

The site is an exciting community project with great potential to become even more useful for both visitors and the local community. With further development funded by interested businesses and community groups on a project by project basis we're looking forward to seeing where it goes next!

The first new module has been added - an online brochure and ticket reservation system for the town's Summerfest festival. This has been configured to accommodate future events as needed.

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