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Our team has been designing and building online games and interactive toys for over 15 years.

We have developed games for a variety of purposes; from online demos of offline games, to interactive instructions and infographics, to awareness raising and fundraising projects for charities.

We've taken virtual guide dogs around training courses for Guide Dogs for the Blind, helped school children pick the right type of toilet for WaterAid, used cute puppies to help highlight the TUC's Work Your Proper Hours Day, recreated online versions of board games for the UK's top selling games, simulated science experiments for children's educational kits, made systems for people to send messages to each other via animals wearing y-front pants...

... we've made a lot.

Most of our games in recent years have been made using html5 for use within a web browser, but the constant changes in the underlying technology keep opening up new possibilities and keep everything interesting. Some of the newer standards can produce some good results, and we feel there are various untapped ways these can be used to produce innovative features. In a connected area we have also developed mobile apps which can deliver a more polished result than html5, but are more expensive to develop.

We've recently launched the Penguin Frenzy web site which offers some silly fun, and some examples of our white label games, but we love making new games so if you need something unique just let us know.

Penguin Frenzy Web Site
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