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We provide a secure data erasure service.

It is extremely important to make sure that a hard drive has been securely erased when disposing of old hard drives. Computers are used to store personal information that individuals and businesses have a moral and legal requirement to keep private. If you're disposing of an old machine, even if you think it's not working properly, it is critical that data is erased.

A user simply deleting data is not secure data erasure, and in modern devices even overwriting can leave a surprising amount of data on a device, as they have complex internal systems intended to get the most out of the physical storage medium. It is relatively easy to make it more difficult for someone without technical skills to access the information, but it can still be recovered by people with the appropriate skills and resources.

So what can you do?

There are manufacturers tools available for data erasure if you want to do it yourself, and some people take the route of physical destruction (although that can be surprisingly difficult to guarantee), but we can provide a secure data erasure service.

We have an internal system for properly erasing disks (hard disks and solid state SSD) and for each device we assess the most secure available erase mechanism, then "hide" thousands of large random numbers over the device, trigger the appropriate erase, and verify all of the numbers have disappeared. On old, large, slow and damaged devices this process may take several hours. Once the erase is verified we produce a confirmation certificate with the details of the drive and time of erasure.

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