Interesting Digital

March 2020

COVID-19 has significantly changed day to day life everywhere. We provide infrastructure to other companies who rely on our services and we are making every effort to minimise the impact on our operations.

Remote working: Interesting Digital (Holistech Limited) has always been a distributed company with no central office - all staff members normally work from home and we are experienced in managing our services and getting projects completed without face-to-face contact.

Our work is typically managed by email and phone; our infrequent in-person meetings have been put on hold for the duration, replaced by video calls as necessary.

Financial stability: Interesting Digital (Holistech Limited) carries no debt. We have reserve funds that should allow us to operate through the pandemic.

Suppliers: We have few critical suppliers, and for each we have a contingency plan in place to substitute their services with minimal impact on customers.

Updates will be posted here as needed. Please stay safe.

The Interesting Team

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