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Alongside many people in the tech industry we're following development with Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT quite closely, and taking the opportunity to investigate possibilities with them. While not without their problems (it's well documented that they are more than happy to make things up when they don't have an answer, which can be entertaining, but not necessarily useful) they have various areas where they could be of great use.

If you're interested in an LLM for your website or project please get in touch to discuss, but in the meantime feel free to have a chat with the Interesting CHATbot below. To give you a little insight into the workings of the bot, we've included a couple of settings that you can change as you chat.

The temperate controls how deterministic or creative the responses are, so on the left expect slightly duller but probably more accurate responses, on the right expect more creativity (and eventually incoherent rambling).

The frequency setting determines how willing the CHATbot is to repeat itself. As you move the setting to the right the bot is less likely to repeat itself; go high enough and it won't want to repeat the same word.

Have a play and see what happens (or leave them in the centre for the most useful results).

Deterministic Creative

Repetition OK Avoid Repetition

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