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Fundamentally your organisation's brand is just its character. This character is communicated through the look and feel of your products and services, your organisation's name, it's logo and website etc – collectively know as brand touch-points. In its broadest sense, branding is the process of identifying this character then designing and producing touch-points that communicate it effectively.

We offer a range of branding services, from designing a single simple logo through to the development of full identity systems – containing multiple logo variations and other graphic elements, and backed by extensive brand guidelines. These guidelines give information on such things as the identified character and associated values to communicate, as well as advice on how to use the logo, colour-schemes, typography, and imagery in print and on screen.

In practice, we find that a lot of our work falls somewhere in between these two levels. For example, when people come to us for a new or refreshed website they may not have a clear idea of the character it should communicate, or have an existing logo or colour-scheme to use on the site. Similarly, on initial exploration, it may be that an existing logo or colour-scheme does not work as effectively as it could in communicating the organisation's character. These examples don't require a full-blown branding exercise but spending a little time with us up-front identifying the character will ensure the subsequent design of any logo and website communicates it effectively.

So talk to us and let's work together to develop your brand!

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